The Thai Language and Culture programme at Brighton College International School Bangkok is provided to both Thai and Non-Thai pupils as stipulated by the Thai Ministry of Education. Following the Thai Language Culture and History curriculum for International Schools (TLCH), we offer different Thai Programmes for our Thai and expat pupils. In Pre-Nursery to Reception Thai will be introduced with weekly lessons.  The number of Thai lessons will increase in Year 1 to Year 13.

We also offer the Cambridge IGCSE First Language Thai course for Year 10 - 11 pupils. It is ideal for international school students whose mother tongue is Thai. They’ll learn how to write and speak clearly and naturally, as well as listen and read effectively. Together with an excellent command of English, this will help them to be successful in further studies and careers.

Pupils at Brighton College International School Bangkok learn Thai Language and Culture in lessons and beyond the classroom. The college provides a variety of hands-on Thai language and culture activities aiming to  develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of pupils as well as to broaden their knowledge and appreciation of Thai art, culture, traditions and local wisdom.

Throughout the year our Thai and expat pupils take part in a wide variety of Thai cultural activities and festivals, such as Wai Kru, Loy Krathong, and Songkran Festival.

The school has extended opportunities for both Thai and non-Thai pupils to learn Thai language and culture after school by offering various Thai CCAs every term in order to provide our pupils reinforcements of their Thai learning.